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Welcome on page, which created by my bachelor work. There you can find information about Octave add-on graphic packages and some tutorials, which show you possibilities of this type of software. Octave is mathematical program and 80% compatible with commercial Matlab. Octave is open-source software. Add-on graphic packages was created by related projects, which isn't part of package Octave, but you must install ad on package separately. Add-on graphic is Octaviz and Octplot. In both add-on packages I tried all functions, then wrote tutorials, which brief desription every function, with their parametres and show simple example with screenshot. In next part I wrote information about my new function, which using add-on graphic packages to draw simple and advanced objects. There you can find parametres of function and example with screenshot. Soem function you can download. If you want to download all function contact me. And finaly there is small presentation of some new functions.

There is some preview, what you can do with this type of software:

If you have any questions about instalation, bugs or some other problems, please send me an e-mail: dafe.p@seznam.cz


6. 3. 2007
Start this page
15. 5. 2007
All function completed
24. 7. 2007
Enghlish version
4. 2. 2008


Official pages Octave: http://www.octave.org
Czech translation of Octave: http://www.octave.cz
3D visualisation to Octave: http://octaviz.sourceforge.net
Graphic system to Octave: http://octplot.sourceforge.net

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