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1.13 Addition in graphs in vtk_figure

Function file: vtk_axis(bool)

Right now, this can only be used to turn the axes on and off. Eventually this function should allow setting the scaling and limits of the axes.
So, you can write either vtk_axis(false) for hidden axes or vtk_axis(true) for display axes.

Function file: vtk_title(string)

Adds a title to a vtk figure. The tittle must be written to comma.

Function file: vtk_scalarbar(string)

Adds a color scalar bar to the side of a vtk figure. The input string will be the title of the scalar bar. This is a work in progress. It doesn't update automatically (although it can be called again), and only works on the last actor rendered.

vtk_title("Spherical harmonics");

Function file: vtk_imshow(bool)

This function display picture in grayscale, whose range is from 0(dark) till 256(light). Parameter a can be matrix NxM or NxMx3.

a=[50 72 80 150 160 180;20 64 120 150 200 210]; vtk_imshow(a);

Function file: vtk_print(filename, options)

Save vtk window to a defined file. The vtk window must be the top window on your display (i.e. unobstructed) for most of the output devices to work properly. This function now attempts to raise your vtk window to the top, but your windows manager may intercept that call (e.g. KDE). To prevent this, you should turn off so-called "Focus stealing prevention" options in your windows manager.

Parameter options:

-dtype, where instead type write: ps, eps, pdf, tiff, jpeg, png, rib
-vect: Use only vector graphic output for postscript/pdf. Default is to write 3D props as an image. Warning: incorrect polygon placement and/or huge filesize is probable with this option
-tex: Write text to a tex file and exclude text from postscript/pdf
-nocompress: Do not compress images in pdf and tiff output
-qualityXX: Set jpeg quality. Default is 100


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