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1.2 Arrows in verge - function vtk_arrows3

Function file: f = vtk_arrows3 (x,y,z,nx,ny,nz[fmt| prop, val])

Displayes oriented arrows at points defined by triplets (x,y,z). Arrows are oriented along the vectors defined by triplets (nx,ny,nz).

The optional fmt takes the form of a "line specification"; e.g. "r" would cause the arrows to be red. The optional prop,val is a property,value pair argument. Valid properties are ";Color;TipLength;TipRadius;ShaftRadius;"..

Optional parameter fmt:
color of arrow - parameter Color
size of tip - parameter TipLength
radius of arrow - parameter TipRadius
radius of line - parameter ShaftRadius

Note.: We needn't set color of arrow only by parameter Color, but only by word symbolizing color. Z\You can choose fromn 7 basic colors:

parameter color [R G B] show
b blue [0 0 1]
r red [1 0 0]
g green [0 1 0]
k black [0 0 0]
w white [1 1 1]
y yellow [1 1 0]
c cyan [0 1 1]
m magenta [1 0 1]

Example: vtk_arrows3(0,0,0,1,1,1,'r')

Note.: Using parameter Color: value is writing to square brackets as vector containing 3 items, where firts is component of red color, second is component of green color and third is component of blue color ([R G B]). Range of individual component is 0-1, where 1 imagine value 255. Example: vtk_arrows3(0,0,0,1,1,1,'Color',[0.5 0.16 0.8]).

More examples:

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