Octave graphic add-on, Octplot


1.1 Function for operations with figure

Activating OctPlot:

After starting Octave, enter at the command prompt toggle_octplot. This will unactivate gnuplot. For future plots, in this Octave session, OctPlot will be used.

Function file: cla()

Clear rendered objects in actual figure.

Function file: clf()

Clear rendered objects and close actual figure.

Function file: h = gca()

Return handle actual figure to variable h.

Note: Handle - Handle, a kind of smart pointer (smart pointer is an abstract data type that simulates a pointer while providing additional features, such as automatic garbage collection or bounds checking), a reference to a position in computer memory.

Function file: h = gcf()

Return handle actual figure to variable h, if h doesn't exist, it create.


Built-in command: hold ARGS

If we want to view more than one graph, we can use command hold on, which reserve, that next drawing doesn't clear previous drawing. So we can draw set of commands and plots to one figrue. To cancel this use command hold off.

Built-in function: ishold

This function serve to detection, if is command hold on active. It returns to variable ans value 1, if command active and 0 if command inactive.

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