Octave graphic add-on, Octplot


1.10 Addition in graphs - functions colorbar, grid, title

Function file: h = colorbar()

This function adds to an actual figure color bar on the right side.

Function file: h = colormap(MAP)

This function sets color palette. Parameter MAP must be matrix min. 2 x 3.

Function file: h = grid(HSTAT)

This function sets or cancel grid in actual figure.

grid("on") - activate grid
grid("off") - deactivate grid
grid() - opposite of actual setting

Function file: AX = axis(ARGS)

This function are able to set axes.

AX=asix() - it returns actual limits of axis to variable AX
AX=[xmin,xmax,ymin,ymax] - according to variables xmin,xmax,ymin,ymax set actual limits of axis
axis("auto") - automatically set of axes according to drawing object
axis("equal") - causes same length of system of coordinates
axis("off") - turn off (or turn on with parameter "on") axis and labels

Function files: title(LABEL), xlabel(LABEL), ylabel(LABEL)

These functions sets title of graph, label of axe x (xlabel) and label of axe y (ylabel).


Function file: h = text(x,y,STR,ARGS)

This function are able to place a text STR on position (x,y). If there are next parameters, it use to format of the text. It return handle to variable h.

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