Octave graphic add-on, Octplot


1.9 Save figure to a file - function print

Function file: h = print FILENAME dFORMAT rRESOLUTION

This function makes it possible figure window to a file as vector or bitmap picture.


"FILENAME" - name of the file with extension
"dFORMAT" - output format
"ps", "ps2", "psc", "psc2", "eps", "eps2", "epsc", "epsc2", "pdf" - vectors format
"jpg", "png" - bitmaps format
"rRESOLUTION" - resolution for bitmaps format in dpi, default is 150

print -r300 -djpg /home/desktop/outpout.jpg
This command save actual figure to a file output.jpg in format jpg in resolution 300dpi to desktop in home directory.

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